If you would like us to come and visit you for a free, confidential, home care assessment of your needs, please call Caring for You on 01924 271132, or use our contact form.


Caring for You (Yorkshire)Ltd
The Old Bakery
158 Bridge Road
Tel 01924 271132.

Quality Assurance

Delivering a high quality and person centered service is Caring for You's priority. We constantly monitor the quality of the work we do and your views of it. This tells us if we are meeting your needs in the ways that you want us to and in the ways we promised you we would.

Unless otherwise agreed, monthly visits take place to discuss the care plan and whether changes to the plan need to be made. These visits will also give you or your family an opportunity to air any views on the service that is being provided and whether any areas of the service can be improved.

Caring for You's quality assurance process starts with the recruitment of the best Staff possible and continues with systematic and ongoing development and monitoring of their performance. We value your views and opinions on the Care Services that we provide. We believe that only by asking the users of the services, i.e. you - the clients, can we obtain the information that we need to enable us to continually improve the services. We have a system in force which enables us to obtain feedback regarding the service at many different levels, user satisfaction surveys, telephone interviews and meeting personally with you. However, we do welcome comment from you at any time be it positive or negative.

In addition to Caring for You's own Self-Assessments we will also receive regular inspections from the local offices of the Care Quality Commission to ensure that we are operating as we should.

Contact Details and Opening Hours

Caring for You (Yorkshire )Ltd
The Old Bakery
158 Bridge Road

The office hours are 9am till 5pm Monday to Friday. During these hours we can be contacted on: Wakefield 01924 271132

Outside of the office hours above we provide a 24 hour emergency on call service, the number to call is 07930 561148 If you wish to email us the address is info@caringforyou.org.uk

How to Contact the Regulatory Authorities
Care Quality Commission
CQC National Correspondence
PO Box 1258
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE99 5AU
Tel: 03000 616161
Email: enquiries@cpc.org.uk

United Kingdom Home Care Association Ltd
Group House
Second Floor
52 Sutton Court Road
Tel: 0208 288 5291

General Social Care Council Tel: 02073975100

Caring for You is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) who can be contacted on the details above.

We recognise that for most clients the most important people in the organisation are the Care staff with whom you will have regular contact. We take great care in recruiting, training and supervising staff. All our staff under-go a rigorous recruitment and selection process, where detailed interviews are carried out, along with references, pre-employment medical screening and Criminal Records Bureau Checks (CRB). All "gaps" in employment are investigated and all applicants are made aware that if references and checks are unsatisfactory then their application will be rejected.

Following the recruitment and selection process all care staff under-go a thorough induction process and the company's policies and procedures, and Terms and Conditions of Employment are explained. At this point all care staff undertake a structured 2-day Induction course. All care staff employed by Caring for You are recruited on a three-month probationary period, where all employees are subject to continual evaluation and supervision. At the end of the probationary period, all care staff have their employment confirmed in writing following a three-month review supervision meeting, where all aspects of their performance are discussed.

Following the completion of their three-month probationary period our care staff are encouraged to under-take further training and are given frequent updates to their current knowledge and skills. Caring for you believe that qualifications are an essential tool in developing a quality, motivated workforce and every effort is made for our care staff to pursue this route in their career. Some of our care staff have the NVQ 2 and 3 Qualifications and we are aiming to encourage all in the same line

Insurance Cover
Caring for You has public liability (10 million) and employer's liability insurance (10 million) in accordance with statutory requirements. We do not have insurance cover for any loss, damage and breakages to your property, which has not been caused by us, and we recommend that you have your own insurance for your property and contents.